Naomi rcc
Naomi rcc

Naomi Neo's Review of Real Complexion Cream

So I'm not wearing any makeup in any of these pictures (obv with eyelash extensions don't be a retard) and I'm super wow-ed after applying a thin layer of the @mkup_sg's Real Complexion Cream. It's supposed to help you achieve a no makeup makeup look with this skincare product. Has a matte finish, whitens your skin and my skin feels like a baby's ass after the application. 💁🏻 Definitely a great alternative for those of you who don't use foundation but wanna look like you have some makeup on. It has no colourant, alcohol and paraben so it's extremely gentle on the skin!!!


It's available on MKUP.sg, ohwow.sg and sasa if you guys would like to purchase one for yourself or your mommy for Mother's Day :p

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