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Ryan Sim's review of Real Complexion Cream


Before this, I have already heard so many people raving about the 【MKUP Real Complexion Cream】Touted as the 'lazy girls' hack' to beautiful skin, you know you have to try it to believe it -- believe because you are able to see it for yourself. For now, you will've to take my word for it.


What it is:

Skin treatment cream with 2% Tranexamic acid and 4.5% Hyaluronic acid to instantly brighten, even out complexion and hydrate skin. Beyond a typical CC cream, this over achiever IS ALSO a regular moisturizer with added Ceramide Rosewater and Calendula flower extract to provide additional benefits of anti-aging, repairing, reduce melanin production and enhance whitening and soothing effect. Alcohol and paraben free, this whitening cream is suitable for everyone.


First thing first: the scent. The scent of this cream is amazing! It is like a calming bouquet of florals that's really sweet and nice. Although it does not linger for long, the smell does put you in a super good mood when applying it. As for its performance, it DEFINITELY gave me a brighter and even complexion -- just like any normal CC cream. However, unlike others, this cream belongs to the category of "the more you use, the better your skin can get" . Seriously though, this is such an over achiever! Tranexamic acid? Glutathione? Arbutin? Peony flower? L-Ascorbic acid? I see what you are doing there MKUP and I'm liking it! Look at the last picture, I love how it made my complexion glow!


If you guys haven't, I highly recommend to try this! Also the brand has an offer for both Mineral Moisturizing Sunscreen + Real Complexion Cream at only $49.90 (NON-AFFILIATE link in bio). It is an amazing bundle deal for two performing products hence I'm recommending.

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